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Sales Order Processing

Maximise every sales opportunity with Merlin

Create sales orders and quotations quickly and easily at the trade counter, sales office and via the web with Merlin’s Sales Order Processing Software.  There’s even an app for the mobile sales team.

Sales Order Processing Software

With Merlin‘s linked item suggestions, cross-selling has never been easier.  Merlin suggests cross-selling items as you add lines to an order.  You can even keep your sales team informed about current special offers like quantity discounts and Buy One Get One Free. 

Avoid losing sales due to out-of-stock items.  When an item is marked out of stock or discontinued, Merlin provides an alternative product list.  Get the right information at the right time and ensure your sales operators have all the relevant information they need when processing orders with intelligent, in-built functions.

The ‘Cherry-Pick‘ feature in Merlin allows you to duplicate previous orders relatively quickly, including loading items from previous orders.  Furthermore, you can search a customer’s entire purchase history for a specific product, and the Purchase History feature lets you see what a customer has previously purchased and at what price.

Merlin’s haggle function permits you to see exactly where the margins are at the point of sale, as you negotiate prices. In this way, you can negotiate at the point of sale while remaining in control of the margins.  It is even possible to save the customer’s special price for future use.

Set up discount pricing for customers in a variety of ways, whether for individual accounts or for groups of accounts.

System Notifications

When a user attempts to process an order outside of a given parameter, e.g. minimum gross profit margin, warnings are sent out and/or authorisation is required.  Messages can be set to appear as a reminder for staff to get customer order numbers or to advise customers their payments are past due.  A set of default due dates, delivery methods, or even the automatic charging of carriage can also be customised by using the Merlin Sales Order Management Process system.

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