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Production Control Software

Specifically designed and developed for manufacturers, Merlin’s Production Control Software for Manufacturing gives you the ability to seamlessly extend control of production environments and Work-in-Progress (WIP) processes directly into other Merlin modules.

The one solution offering from Merlin, removes the need to purchase a separate production module software solution – with Merlin you can get all your systems in one place.  Merlin provides one integrated solution covering all manufacturing and commercial aspects of business.

Production Control Software for Manufacturing

Merlin’s Production module software features two modules; Shop Floor Data Collection, so there is no more production chasing, and the Main Production module, covering all aspects of production. For advanced production planning, Merlin is designed to integrate with Preactor™, the World Leader in Production Planning and Scheduling software.

Take control of issues as they arise, instead of reacting after the event.

Shop Floor Data Collection

Eliminate filling in time sheets on completion of each job and enable staff to update the Work in Progress (WIP) in real time from the work centre using traditional job/route cards produced by Merlin and utilising low cost barcode scanners.  Take control of issues as they arise, as appose to reacting after the event.

This can also record time and attendance of shop floor workers, providing managers a greater overview of individual’s, and group, productivity.

Main Production Module

Merlin’s Production Module provides full traceability and eliminates the need for separate database or paper-based traceability systems.  This is in an archive of information and can be interrogated on screen or by using Microsoft™ ODBC or SQL queries.

Achieve full Bill of Materials (BOM) traceability, where you can see all materials used, even repeat jobs, including specific variations and subcontract work.  The Production Module also provides full traceability on materials, where you are able to see all material details, such as specific batch/lot records, test certificates, certificates of conformity, metallurgical analysis, plus scanned documents.  Another benefit of the module is the ability to see all details of the workforce, providing management with the important information such as time spent on a job and amount of wastage.

The Production Module has parameter driven options, and provides real time progress visibility.  You are able to place goods received into quarantine, until you are ready to use, or they’ve been inspected.  Store drawings and patterns, and add notes to the Contact Management, such as ‘progress notes’ for progress chasers.

Get detailed costing figures with Merlin, with access to the relevant data Merlin is able to:

  • Provide Standard costing
  • Compare actual to estimated costs
  • Provide Fixed, Latest or Average costs per product
  • Automatically calculate materials, labour and overhead costs per product
  • Recalculate standard costing from historical recorded costs
  • Ensure job costs are always up to date
  • Have total costs & profitability immediately available on completion of each job.

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Specifically designed for Merlin, all optional modules fully integrate with the core system for a tailored software solution.

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