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Technical Engineer Services.

Merlin has a team of highly skilled Technical Engineers able to provide business solutions to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.


Merlin's Remote Backup Solution

What is a Remote Backup? Remote Backup is the method of backing up your company data remotely, off-site...

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Secure Remote Access

We offer a variety of solutions from simple email access to more complicated Microsoft Terminal Services.

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Merlin has services to monitor and health check your network.

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Disaster Recovery

Merlin can offer a variety of disaster recovery server based solutions utilising centralised backup and bare metal recovery.

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Ecological Computing

We try to give a helping hand to the environment by making our customers environmentally aware of the possible saving from reducing their carbon footprint.

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We offer solutions that are delivered in many different ways from Exchange Server to Hosted Email solutions.

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Internet Security

Merlin can help you limit your risks and protect your business so you don't get caught out by an attack.

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Virtualisation & Server Solutions

Virtualisation was designed because it was identified that running servers generally use a very low percentage of the resources they have available.

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Cloud Computing

Merlin has developed a cloud offering, where utilising Amazon Web Services, customers will be able to host their Merlin products on these servers.

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Merlin Offline

Merlin Offline provides you with a full back-up that is automatically downloaded to a master station on a daily basis.

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