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Contact Relationship Management

Merlin’s Contact Relationship Management (CRM) has been designed to proactively manage accounts, relationships, and interactions with customers, prospects and suppliers – ensuring relationships are managed in a professional and efficient manner.

With Merlin you get unlimited company and contact records, which alongside the standard fields you would expect from a CRM system, Merlin allows for approximately 40 user-definable (customisable) fields.  With this you can store and report on the information you want.

Tired of clicking through screens to find the relevant windows, Merlin has an intelligent, dynamic menu, which will predict and show the options you’re most likely to need next on any given page.

With its fully integrated approach, Merlin records all activity against the relevant contact, so there is no duplication of data and you get a full historical archive.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module allows for a proactive sales force to have their diaries automatically populated with appointments scheduled for the next month, week, day or a given date range.  This also works with your Accounts and Purchasing teams chasing payments or deliveries respectively.

Gain full visibility of your sales pipeline with real time reporting from Merlin. Your Sales Representatives can use the CRM function to log progress of potential orders to indicate estimated close date, order value, potential margin, current status, and source.  Measure the success of your channels and get a better idea of where your best ROI is generated.

If you like running targeted campaigns, then the Campaign Management function within CRM is just what you need.  Based on your criteria you can generate lists which can then be rolled out to the Sales Team or used in mailing campaigns.  You can even export the list if you use third party packages.

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