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Virtualisation & Server Solutions.

Virtualisation was designed because it was identified that running servers generally use a very low percentage of the resources they have available. Therefore the idea of pooling all the memory, processing, storage and other resources together and then maximising the efficiency of this resource pool was developed. Merlin have been deploying virtualisation for several years now and we take advantage of the ability to house several similar or dissimilar operating systems on a common hardware platform. Each operating system runs independently of the other by utilising VMWARE’s virtualisation technology.

Key Features.

Versatile Systems

Virtualisation is not only restricted to the server, by deploying Zero client hardware, standard workstation operating systems can be delivered to lower powered devices.

Knowledge Of Files

Users no longer would have the unrestricted ability put files and applications on workstations without your knowledge.

Less Servers Required

Reduction in Hardware Investment as less servers are required.

24 x 7 Configurations

High Availability with configurations that allow for seamless 24 X 7 running if hardware fails.

Simplified Backups

Backups are simplified, consolidated and centralised.

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