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Website Integration Tools – E-Commerce

Merlin’s web applications allow you to make the most of the opportunities of trading online, whether you’re already doing so or looking to develop your online presence. Allow new customers to find you and apply for an account online and give your existing customers access to manage all their account details.

Integrate seamlessly into your e-commerce site (new or existing) with Merlin, with orders placed online streaming direct into Sales Order Processing (SOP) for immediate picking and despatch.

Create alerts and notifications so that you never miss an online order.  You also have the ability to offer payment upfront via credit/debit card (although you may require a third party provider for this.)

With Merlin’s integration tools there is no need to re-type the information on the website, as Merlin will automatically populate and update product information.

Get the benefit of Merlin’s SOP on your website with quantity break pricing, alternative items suggested, special offers available on the homepage and linked items enabling cross selling.

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