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Purchase Order Processing

Merlin makes Purchase Ordering easy, linking with the Stock Management, the Purchase Order Processing (POP) module facilitates real-time, accurate stock replenishment.  Merlin can make recommendations based on live data.  Merlin can also link Sales Orders to Purchase Orders for seamless transitions and a reduction in paperwork.

If you have multiple branches and locations, Merlin can easily handle inter-branch transfers and consignments.  Merlin can also handle any back order issues caused by low stock levels, automatically flagging stock for release on Goods received Notes (GRN).

The POP module also provides excellent supplier management, from the easy import and storage of Supplier’s price books, including Manufacturer’s part numbers for easy look up, to the ability to copy estimates from other Suppliers to obtain the best price.  With Merlin you are also able to view Supplier and stock files quickly and easily without leaving Purchase Order Entry.

Purchase Order Optimisation

Optimise your Stock Levels with Merlin’s Suggested Purchase Orders.  Allowing you to automate your purchasing process and make it as simple as possible without losing control.  With the Suggested Purchase Orders function, you can review, amend and generate the purchase orders in one process from a wide range of selection criteria:

  • Number of weeks stock
  • Range of Suppliers
  • Range of Product Groups
  • Seasonality (Time of year)
  • Lead Time

You can also append new suggested orders to existing orders to take advantage of any bulk purchasing opportunities, reduced carriage, and a reduction in paperwork.

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