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Stock Control Software

Merlin provides you with control over all areas of Stock, not just stock levels.  Control your product range, locations, families, groups, suppliers, batches, shelf life, and consignment stock and can also be set-up for full traceability with our stock control software.

Merlin can help you to optimise your stock investment in a number of ways.

Merlin can help streamline your stock take by defining particular groups, aisles, bins etc. (plus you are able to use the HHT application for an even more efficient process).

Stock Control Software

Manage multiple stock control locations with Merlin for easy demand fulfilment, and easily identify suppliers for stock replenishment.

Avoid overstocking and having ‘dead money’ sat on the shelf with Merlin Stock Control Software, with accurate demand predictions.  Plus Merlin will help you stay ahead of the curve by optimising your stock levels and easily identifying trends.

Enhance and fine tune your product catalogue by using data from multiple suppliers. Plus have all the technical information to hand, so your sales and purchasing staff are fully informed.

Also, with the Web Services Tools, you can easily update your website with new stock control information easily and effectively.

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