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EDI Integration Software

Merlin offers EDI Integration Software ( Electronic Data Integration Software) to allow seamless trading between customers and suppliers.  With the ability to send and receive orders electronically, whilst also automatically triggering the relevant order acknowledgments and/or invoices.

EDI Integration Software Features

By using EDI Integration Software you can reduce the delays caused by paper document transfer and/or manually order processing.  With an EDI transfer this happens immediately, and no need to re-enter the information.

Our EDI Integration Module can work at reducing costs through the reduction in data entry (duplication), document storing, sorting, sending etc.  Another benefit you can achieve through EDI transfer is the access to vast amounts of detailed transaction data.

For Sales Order Processing, have orders directly streamed into your Merlin‘s SOP system for immediate picking and shipping.  Once ready, you are then able to EDI transfer the invoice onto the customer’s system.

Similarly, Purchase Orders can be sent via EDI to suppliers, and you can receive EDI invoices in return.  With Merlin you are able to set up tolerances on Purchase Invoices to notify you of changes in prices, costs, dates etc.  You have the option to accept or decline these discrepancies, with the invoice going on hold if declined.

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