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Mobile App Solutions from Merlin

Work smarter and more cost effectively whilst improving your business processes, at both the trade counter and when working remotely with Merlin’s Mobile App Solutions for Android™.

Enable your Sales Team with Merlin CRM application.  Provide them with up to date customer information whilst away from their desk.

Merlin’s Mobile App Solutions

Give your Delivery Drivers one complete solution with the Delivery/Van Routing Application.  Remove the paperwork, by letting the Drivers access routes on their device, with an electronic copy of the manifest and enabling signature capture electronically for immediate proof of delivery (POD).

Liven up your Trade Counter with the Trade Counter Signature Capture Mobile Application.  When not in use you get a promotional tool, which automatically switches to show line by line order progress with signature capture at completion.

Sales Order Capture and Contact Management (CRM)

Enable your Sales Force by providing them with up-to-date customer information when away from the desk, be it out on the road, or simply in the yard.  With this application you are able to take orders electronically and stream them back into Merlin.  No need to duplicate order input.

Get quick access to a customer’s address and plot the route through Google™ Maps, you even have to ability to call the customer from within the app (providingthe device has the capability).

Access all the relevant Customer information such as contact notes, purchase history, quotes, past invoices and account status.  All this prior to the meeting, so you don’t go in uninformed.  You can then update the notes, which is available to the team immediately.

No data, no problem with the Sales Order capture and Contact Management App, the information is all stored until you have access to data and then streamed back into Merlin.  This can be via 4G or Wi-Fi, depending on your settings.

Delivery/Van Routing & Signature Capture

If you are already using the Delivery/Van Routing Module, then this app is the perfect addition for you.  You can download the delivery schedule, plot the route on Google™ Maps, send delivery updates and have customers sign for their deliveries electronically. Remove all unnecessary paperwork from your drivers, give them all the information they need in one device.

By entering the date of the route, you will only get that day’s plan, so there is no worry of getting the incorrect information.  You can then use Google™ Maps to get access to the route, with live traffic updates, and no need to manually enter the addresses.

You can select individual orders to confirm delivery by line or complete delivery of the entire order in one click.  Once the delivery is complete, the customer can sign for the goods electronically, and have the image stored against the order in Merlin’s POD Module.

If your device enables it, you can call the customer, or send an SMS to notify them of delivery updates.  Keeping the customer informed and happy.

Trade Counter Signature Capture

Make your trade counter work for you with the Trade Counter Signature Capture application.  With three uses, this is an ideal module for the busy trade counter.

Use as a live order board, so when a customer is at the counter they can see exactly what they have ordered line by line (with the option to show/hide pricing).  Once the order is complete, it converts into a signature capture device, so the customer can sign and have their signature automatically attached to the delivery note/POD.  This can then be stored against the customer account, printed, or emailed to the customer.  Great for providing traceability with a customer.

When the device is not in use, you have a promotional tool, with the ability to upload promotional images for use at point of sale (POS).  If you want to promote an item, update the customer on some important information, or simply highlight a sale, this app provides you with that opportunity.  This automatically switches over to the order screen once needed, so no need for manual switching.

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