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Over the years we’ve worked hard to bring the best possible service and new tools to our customers – by doing so we’ve entered into several partnerships…


Collect payments without the chasing, stress, or expensive fees.

GoCardless is a payments platform that automatically collects payment on your invoices on the due date, using Direct Debit, and lets you collect instantly authorised, one-off payments too, with Instant Bank Pay.

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Forecasting and Inventory Optimisation Software

Stock Optimization Software

EazyStock helps you forecast with confidence, stock the right items and optimise your orders. Our Merlin integration lets you dynamically classify inventory and accurately predict stock demand. It minimises stockouts and safeguards against overstocking – generating optimised purchasing orders that save you time and money.  Having the right stock at the right time is easy – with EazyStock.

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Payment Services

Accept payments anywhere, anytime.  Consumers want personalized experiences that let them shop where they want, how they want, when they want – on a digital device or in a store.

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Helping Businesses to Issue and Accept Digital Payments

Adflex deliver smart payment APIs (application programming interfaces) through seamless cloud integration to make the process of buying and selling profitable, hassle-free and secure.  Adflex take the pain out of the supply chain by delivering seamless and secure payment integration that adds value to both buyers and merchants.

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B2B Mobile App

Giving your customers 24/7 access to you. Directly linked to Merlin, use your custom branded SwiftCloud Sales App to show your customers key information and place orders.

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Business Intelligence

Data analytics software for wholesale distribution, manufacturing wholesale and merchants.

Ranking Number 1 in 24 business intelligence categories.

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Food & Drink Product Information

An integration with Merlin providing Merlin customers in the Food & Drink industry with critical ingredients and allergen information on the products they sell

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Having worked with many web development companies over the years, Wida have proved themselves to be an excellent fit for our customer’s requirements.

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Sales Intelligence

A sales-enablement tool that ensures every sales conversation an organisation has is insight-led and profitable. Manipulate your sales data held within Merlin to increase profits – reel in drifting customers, spot leakage, identify selling opportunities and more…
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Technology Leasing

Leasing and Asset Management

For some Merlin customers, leasing is the best option – however leasing software is not always that straight forward. Technology Leasing specialise in IT rental – hardware and software.

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