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Warehouse Management System Software

Designed to work in warehouses of all shapes and sizes, Merlin’s Warehouse Management System (MWS) apps give you the ability to seamlessly manage and control all of your stock and warehouse processes quickly and easily

Available for the latest Handheld Terminal (HHT) devices, Merlin offers a comprehensive app to help warehouse teams efficiently manage Order Picking, Stock Checking, Goods Receipt, and general warehouse admin tasks on the go.  Designed for Android™ operating systems, you get to choose the most suitable devices for your existing IT strategy and budget.”


Merlin and Barcodes

Merlin is compliant with all the popular barcode standards, supporting Code 128 & Code 39.  Merlin works with all modern corded, cordless, and fixed-location barcode scanner devices to enhance the process of taking orders at the trade counter or at a checkout in a Cash-&-Carry.  Customers are served more quickly and accurately; orders are picked in the warehouse with fewer errors and mis-picks before being passed to packing and despatch.


Handheld Terminal for Auto Stock Checking

Make stock taking more efficient with Merlin’s Auto Stock Checking app.  Remove the need to manually input data after a stock check; with this module, simply scan and input the new count figures there and then.  You can even use the Merlin Snapshot function to run multiple stock takes independently, and at the same time.  This allows for the warehouse team to be assigned different sections of the stock take to complete, allowing counts to be updated separately and as and when they complete.

Handheld Terminal for Goods Despatch & Receipt

HHT for Goods Despatch and Receipt app can ensure the most efficient route for order picking based upon bin locations, whilst immediately identifying all picking errors.  Merlin will also ensure that traceability is maintained where required by identifying batch and/or multi-bin locations, enabling full traceability and supporting a first-in-first-out (FIFO) business process.

Merlin also supports:

  • Consolidated Picking of Multiple Orders
  • Split picking of the same order by multiple members of staff in different Picking Locations
  • Wave Picking

Merlin can also trigger the production of the Delivery Note paperwork and any Third-Party Carrier labels at the end of the pick

The app also provides tools for booking goods in (GRN) and “put-away” of stock, improving speed and accuracy, and recovering more time for other productive jobs.  Book items into stock wherever you are, in the warehouse, or in the yard, and avoid the delay of having to return to the office.  Have up-to-date stock figures thanks to the HHT for Goods Despatch and Receipt app.  Quickly identify the originating Purchase Orders and receipt in every line quickly by scanning the products’ barcodes or use the HHT’s touchscreen where necessary.  You are also able to immediately identify any under or over shipments, with the Merlin system being dynamically updated, no need to dock the device to upload the data.

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