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Delivery Van Routing Software

Plan your deliveries before an order is picked with the Merlin Delivery Van Routing software module.  Developed to remove the requirement for you to purchase additional planning software, this enables all of your information to stay within Merlin.

With the Merlin Delivery Van Routing  Module you can reduce the time taken planning deliveries, and remove the need for any manual processes.  You are able to see your orders build-up automatically.  Merlin allows for the suggestions to be approved, or edited and allow for a re-plan of routes, simply by ‘drag and drop’.

Delivery Van Routing Software

The Delivery/Van Routing  Software Module can improve your picking efficiency by producing a consolidated picking list for each route in bin location order.  You can also visualise the route using Merlin’s in-built Google Maps™ link, which allows you to plan and re-plan to achieve the most efficient route possible.

Stay compliant with Merlin and reduce the risk of overloading with overload warnings.  Merlin’s automatic tallying of order weights will indicate if the vehicle chosen for the route is within or nearing its legal weight limit, or would be overloaded even before a single item has been picked.  With a colour coded warning system warnings are more visible and easier to spot.

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