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Swift Cloud Software

Merlin has partnered with Swift Cloud to provide you with the solution you’ve been looking for.

Using the Swift Cloud App Software, compatible with both Android and Apple devices, your customers can order directly from you at any time of day.

No longer do you have to come into the office in the morning trying to decipher a voicemail, and risk errors in re-entering the order, Swift Cloud integrates directly with Merlin, so the order is ready and waiting for you.

Swift Cloud Software – Improve Customer Relationships

Get the best out of your customer relationships at any time with the Merlin & SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App.

Your customer can access what they need to know to order in confidence, whenever they want and wherever they might be.

Your logo and company colours will shine at them from their mobiles day and night, speeding up their actions and reminding them of you and how you have helped them in their business.

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