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Merlin’s Remote Backup Solution.

What is a Remote Backup?

Remote Backup is the method of backing up your company data remotely, off-site in the cloud, in the event of equipment failure, damage, or a virus attack. This is a more secure way to protect your data, compared to an on-site backup, where there’s a higher risk of the company data being harmed. At present, the cloud Remote Backup method is the safest way to protect your company data.  


Benefits of Remote Backup:

•  Merlin will take care of all the hard work for you.

•  Reduces downtime.

•  Cheaper than data being backed up locally.

•  Cloud Backup is scalable. If your company data increases, it can still be easily backed up.

•  More secure against ransomware attacks. It’s performed off-site, away from the office network.

•  Lower risks associated with a cloud backup.

•  The cloud-backed-up data can be accessed from anywhere.

Taken from – What is Cloud Backup and How Does It Work?  


Remote Backup Stats:

•  17% of businesses do not backup business data at all.

•  3.8 million UK businesses do not adhere to backup best practices.

•  Data loss is estimated to be up 400% since 2012, with around four million UK businesses at risk of losing data due to their insufficient and non-existent backups.

•  60% of businesses shut down within six months of data loss.

•  93% of companies that lost data for 10 days file for bankruptcy within one year, while half file immediately.

•  31% of targeted attacks focus on businesses with fewer than 250 employees and 1/5 small businesses will be hacked within one year.

Taken from – 10 Backup Statistics Every Business Needs To Know  


Merlin’s Remote Backup Solution

Save time searching for a secure Remote Backup option, with Merlin Business Software’s Remote Backup Solution.

The Merlin Business Software Remote Backup Solution is provided via the software client Syncrify. The Syncrify client (which will be installed on the Merlin server) contacts one of three Master servers held in Merlin’s secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.

Daily, the Merlin solution creates a compressed copy of the Merlin Live database and stores it in the On-Premise server.

This service is managed and monitored by the Merlin Engineering Department.


What’s the cost?

For this service, there is an annual cost of £1,200. That’s just £100 a month, or about £23 a week!

For a limited time, the first 25 customers will be able to get an exclusive discount of 50%, making our Remote Backup service just £600 annually.

Contact us below today to take advantage of this great offer.


The process

•  Each night, a copy of your data is taken to the Syncrify Master Server within AWS. This will happen 365 days a year.

•  You can request additional files to be taken into the Syncrify Master Server. Additional annual fees may occur if more storage is needed.

•  To know that the backup has worked, a confirmation email is sent to the recipient(s) at the customer site.

•  If any issues occur, the Merlin Engineering Department will raise a call for the customer to Merlin’s support system. They will then investigate the issue or offer advice where they can.

•  Any issues will be logged with Merlin’s Support Department via email at [email protected] or via telephone on 01246 457170.


Merlin Engineering tasks

The Merlin Engineering Department take out the following tasks twice a year:

• Mbs01 (Merlin Live Database) – A restore is performed on a secure server within AWS and a table of information for the last 10 sales orders is created.

• Mbspod (Merlin Proof of Delivery Database) – A restore is performed on a secure server within AWS and a table of information for the last 10 scanned documents is created.

For both of these, the customer will get an email for both a successful and a failed test. A call will be logged with the Engineering Team for a failed test.

• Additional document files – A restore is performed on pre-agreed, virus-checked documents, which are securely sent to the customer for opening and integrity confirmation.


If you would like more information on Merlin’s Remote Backup Solution, please contact your Account Manager today.

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