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Internet Security.

Security has an ever-growing importance in business in the current climate with the increase in sophistication of malicious software and attacks.  Merlin can help you limit your risks and protect your business.  Don’t get caught out by an attack, let Merlin ensure your business is protected.

Key Features.

Internet Access

The method that your business connects to the Internet needs to be secure in order to protect you from external attacks via your broadband or viral infection.

Internet Control & Firewall

We are able to assist you with monitoring Internet access, blocking and allowing sites by working hours or user login.

Secure VPN delivery

Merlin can help setup a secure VPN server that can provide remote connectivity for your users from the outside world to your network, making remote work easier and more accessible to your staff.

Prevention of Intrusion Attacks

Utilising the skills accrued over many years of experience our engineering team can help you pick the best product that meets your needs.

Security Evaluation & Consultation

Utilise our consultation services to gain an expert appraisal report and any recommendations on your network infrastructure.


Merlin prides itself in the partnership with AVG antivirus software solutions. Their suite of programs gives us a wide base to offer our customers solutions that range from single PC to Network cover.

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