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Merlin & Adflex Business Software

Future-proofing card payments for Merlin clients

About Adflex

More payments are moving to cards. It’s therefore crucial that merchants can support digital payments via their website and back-office systems, while ensuring robust security, PCI compliance and a great user experience.

Our platform was built with one intention: to make the process of buying and selling profitable, hassle-free and secure.

We do this via smart card payment APIs and seamless cloud integration, helping to drive the B2B digital payment revolution.

Our business-critical gateway processes around £4bn per year in over 150 currencies and we implement robust technology to safeguard the merchant and cardholder, including tokenization, Card on File (CoF), Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and EMV® 3-D Secure.

The Adflex platform is approved by all mainstream acquiring banks, which ensures that our merchant clients pay a fair merchant service fee and can benefit from moving banks without the burden and cost of changing gateway providers.

If you are looking for a payment gateway that provides experience, innovation, and excellent customer support (via the phone too!), you have found the right partner.

Payment Gateway

Adflex is the first B2B platform to support businesses of all sizes and every customer request. Whether that be telephone or online payments, recurring billing or partial settlements, we have you covered and make card acceptance easy for modern businesses.

The Adflex gateway supports all card types (debit, credit and Level 3 purchasing cards) across all major card schemes (American Express, Mastercard and Visa).

Merlin: card payment module

Modernise your AR (accounts receivable) functions from as low as £30.00 a month and integrate mail, telephone and eCommerce payments into your Merlin system and website.

Designed and built in the cloud to deliver a seamless and secure experience, the Merlin and Adflex card payment module supports a wide range of options – including corporate and local authority purchasing cards – to increase acceptance rates and ensure prompt payment.

Mail order and telephone payments

This established service allows real-time authorisation of customer-not-present card transactions, directly from Merlin, without re-keying any card information into physical or virtual terminals. It also provides results for reconciliation and secure storage (tokenization) of customer card details for returning clients.

Payment links

Adflex makes it easy to convert unsecured telephone payments into secure online transactions. Simply send a payment link to your customer via digital invoice, email or text message and get paid anytime, anywhere.

Payment Links takes your customer to a secure hosted payment page where they can pay for orders and outstanding invoices. You are also protected by EMV 3-D Secure and from chargebacks, further reducing merchant service fees.

Hosted payment page

Adflex and Merlin partner with creative leaders in website development to seamlessly integrate card payments within websites. Our hosted payment page can improve checkout conversion and boost eCommerce revenue. Adflex can take your eCommerce channel to the next level, supporting SCA, Click to Pay, PayPal, and many shopping cart plugins, including WooCommerce and Magento. Also, prevent online fraud, optimise approval rates, and build the right risk strategy via machine learning, AI, and velocity checks.

Benefits and Features

  • Real-time processing, removing non-secure manual re-keying into terminals.
  • Support for all card schemes including American Express, Mastercard and Visa.
  • Support for all card types including debit, credit and Level 3 purchasing cards.
  • Tokenization technology, safely store card data and reduce PCI scope.
  • Simple reporting reconciliation through direct integration with Merlin.
  • Acquirer agnostic, meaning you can change banks without changing gateway providers.
  • Future-proofed for PSD2 and SCA.


Adflex is an industry leader in acquiring and offers solutions for small and large enterprises. Whether you need to accept payments online, in-store or over the phone, we have you covered and support merchants globally.

To process a card payment, you need a merchant bank account, which comes with a unique MID (Merchant Identification Number).

Processing payments involves requesting authorisation for the transaction, collecting the funds from the cardholder’s bank and sending the payment to the merchant via an acquiring bank.

We can lower the cost of card acceptance to as little 0.4% through our agnostic acquiring network. We also support 150+ currencies, faster settlement, and transparent reporting. Alternatively, we can work with your existing acquirer.

PCI DSS Compliance and Tokenization

Adflex is a fully PCI DSS compliant payment processor at the highest level.

A seamless and secure digital payment experience is crucial. Adflex uses tokenization to process card transactions, so any breach to your server will not expose your customers’ card details, which could damage your brand irreparably.

Tokenization replaces the sensitive data with a surrogate value called a token. The token is unique to the card and the Adflex card vault, drastically cutting the risk of fraud.

Adflex tokenization also supports ‘card on file’ (CoF) transactions for returning customers. This enables cardholders to allow the merchant to store their payment details for quicker transactions in the future – an extremely useful feature wherever you conduct repeat business together.

Data at your fingertips

Our end-to-end transaction tools provide everything you need to know about your payments. Whether you are searching by authorisations, declines, MID or currency, we make reconciliation painless and keep administration time to a minimum.

Enhanced Data Processor: A USP that we bring to the relationship

Adflex is the leading processor of Level 3 purchasing cards.

Corporates and local authorities use purchasing cards to eliminate the lengthy process of raising a purchase order and paying suppliers by traditional payment methods such as bank transfer. Some purchasing cards also allow line-item detail, which is known as Level 3 data, to assist with purchase control and reconciliation.

Essentially, it provides the buyer with more information of the transaction, including invoice number, cost centre, a breakdown of the products/service supplied and invoice values, making it easier to keep on top of your business payments.


If you would like to get in touch with Adflex, please click here.

Adflex & Peppard Building Supplies

Adflex & Peppard Building Supplies

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