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FR Scott Limited

21st September 2020



Royal Mail Click & Drop Website Integration


“We recently put in the new Royal Mail Click & Drop website integration Module and it`s working fantastically well. Not only are we finding an elimination of errors from re-keying etc and significant time savings to go with this, but we have also had a reduction in costs.

On speaking to our Warehouse Manager, he estimates the integration has saved the Warehouse staff 1 hour per day. His words were “it is so so so so so much easier!“.

We’ve also been able to improve our customer service as the integration automatically attaches a consignment number to the relevant order, which has enabled our Sales guys to promptly tell customers where/when their order will be delivered.

This cost reduction has come from them now not having to use the franking machine, which we had to “top up” with a card payment every so often. We now get invoiced from Royal Mail and can claim the VAT back (something we couldn`t do previously) – we estimate this module will save us over £3,000 per year (not including the savings made in staff time).  This saving will inevitably increase as our e-commerce business grow…basically, the more orders we do, the more savings we make.”

20 October, 2022

3CX Integration with Merlin

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10 October, 2022

Wedding Celebrations at Merlin

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14 September, 2022

Company Notice – Monday 19th September 2022

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