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Dayla Ltd

16th December 2019

Favourite Feature

Routing Module

What do you Like most about the feature?

“As a wholesaler trying to keep thousands of customers stocked & supported, the logistics of distribution are key. We have become totally reliant upon the Merlin Routing Module, it is a fantastic part of the software, functional, easy to use and above all efficient. We can plan orders, staff, vehicles and resources at the click of a button.”

What benefits have you seen to your job role/ business since using the feature?

“Looking back to how we worked before implementing routing, we are amazed at just savings we have seen, Delivery/Load Planning has been reduced by hours each day and the volume of order picking has increased nearly 30% in a day, even with the same number of warehouse staff.”

16 May, 2022

Merlin’s latest integration with GoCardless

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09 May, 2022

Merlin’s new partnership with EazyStock

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03 May, 2022

Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

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