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Ashgrove Trading

14th December 2018

Favourite Feature


What do you Like most about the feature?

“With the helpful assistance of Merlin personnel, I have recently been able to set up two new dashboards which track both sales and margin by the minute. Obviously, individual companies need to decide how much information they feel happy to display without compromising their confidentiality policies but it is the motivation that comes from information being presented so colourfully, so up-to-the-minute and so visual that really helps drive our sales.”

What benefits have you seen to your job role/ business since using the feature?

“As a financial manager, the team are constantly looking to me to let them know where we are at any given point in time in terms of both sales and profit. This is so easy to access once set up that I feel I can answer much more confidently without the need for time-consuming analysis and checking. Obviously, it is vital to record the information in the sales orders accurately but we drum into our customer services personnel just how beneficial this is so thank you Merlin!”

20 October, 2022

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10 October, 2022

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14 September, 2022

Company Notice – Monday 19th September 2022

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