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Ashgrove Trading

16th December 2019


Favourite Feature

Nominal Financial Reporting

What do you Like most about the feature?

“I love the fact that this feature means that the base information keyed into Merlin every day can, without much more input from me, be so smartly pulled together into a meaningful report that can be tailored to suit the particular needs of any business and generated at the press of a button! This makes light work of what would otherwise prove to be a very time-consuming job if attempted manually (or more likely left not done because it’s too much trouble!).”

What benefits have you seen to your job role/ business since using the feature?

“The Financial Reports that Merlin produces have enabled me to provide quicker and more accurate reports to the board resulting in an increased capability achieved to monitor trends in our business whether they be good ones or bad ones. This has been vital in 2019 due to the economic challenges many of us have been facing in business. The capacity to control month-by-month enables me to advise much more readily on GP rates and expenses which, as we all know, can be vital to the profitability and success of any particular financial year.”

20 October, 2022

3CX Integration with Merlin

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10 October, 2022

Wedding Celebrations at Merlin

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14 September, 2022

Company Notice – Monday 19th September 2022

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