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Abbots (UK) Ltd

16th December 2019

Favourite Feature

Document Path Field: Sales/Purchase Ledger > Customer/Supplier Maintenance > General > Document Path

What do you Like most about the feature?

“It is a simple but highly useful means to link any customer or supplier on Merlin to their corresponding folder(s) and files on our Network. It offers the potential for massive savings in the printing, processing and management of all customer and supplier paperwork. It supports our vision for a more seamless, paperless operation. It is a significant step towards a more automated process for the matching and processing of invoices, receipts and payments.”

What benefits have you seen to your job role/business since using the feature?

“In our Finance department, across both sales and purchase ledgers, this feature lets us link any relevant files stored on our network to the corresponding customer or supplier on Merlin. This includes account/credit application forms, correspondence, invoices, statements, remittances etc. Currently, it enables us to set up an electronic, system accessible and searchable library, in addition to our paper-based records. So it reduces the handling of current and past paperwork. In time, it offers us the possibility of massive cost savings in printing and storing paperwork, and massive time savings as we move towards more paperless, automated order and payment processing.”

20 October, 2022

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10 October, 2022

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14 September, 2022

Company Notice – Monday 19th September 2022

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