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Affordable Signature Capture for our Trade Counters

We are aware that business owners and Branch Managers are always on the lookout for solutions to speed up the process of serving customers at the trade counter. A fast and friendly service will have the builder on their way, out of the door and on to their next job; plus it will ensure they keep coming back for the same great service over and over again.

At Merlin, we continue to strive to create the most efficient and easy-to-use order processing solutions as possible, including the highly important task of capturing a proof of collection signature capture app for trade customers.

Significant Signature Capture App Solution

Our latest innovation allows the capture of customer signatures using low-cost and readily-available AndroidTM tablet devices, alleviating the need for expensive proprietary-designed devices.

The devices operate in several modes, providing useful tools throughout the day.

Mode 1:

Between transactions, the Merlin Trade Counter Signature App for AndroidTM will act as a slideshow, enabling you to use it as an eye-catching display of your latest offers, new showroom and opening times.

Mode 2:

As you start to serve a customer, the App intelligently changes mode, displaying the order to the customer as they are being entering into Merlin. This can include a thumbnail image of the item, the quantity and the line price and will dynamically adapt to changes in the order in real-time.

Mode 3:

As the order concludes, the App changes mode for a third time, allowing the customer to electronically sign. As the signature is visible to both the counter sales staff on their screen and the customer both can decide on acceptability.

Significant Signature Capture App Solution – Result

Upon accepting the signature, Merlin renders it on to the electronic image and saves it automatically to the Proof of Delivery database and can be printed as required.

The end solution is a simple, elegant and extremely efficient solution that any merchant of any size can implement; indeed, since the solution was launched to our customers at the Annual Merlin Customer Day in October last year (2015) the take-up has been very high.

Richard Williams Builders Merchants, a long-standing Merlin user, implemented the Trade Counter Signature Capture module across both their North Wales branches, and have seen a significant improvement in their efficiency.

“Initially there were some concerns about the customers accepting the technology, but these have proven to be without foundation, as the till transactions have been quick and easy, constructing a successful adoption of the technology.”

The use of simple and low-cost Android tablets means that this is also an incredibly useful tool for the smaller independent merchant. Alfred Dunham and Sons is a long established family business working in North Derbyshire, and they have continued to match customer expectations of the modern merchant with the latest solutions from Merlin since turning to us ve years ago.

Jonathan Townsend, Dunham’s’ General Manager has confirmed “…with the new app on the counter, we’ve halved the amount of paperwork we used to produce.”

The Trade Counter Signature App is just one of three apps available as part of the Merlin software package, the others currently available are:

  • Mobile CRM/SOP App – Ideal for remote reps working on/off-line in the eld, updating visit notes and taking orders, it also works well in the trade counter area and out in the yard.
  • Delivery Drivers App – Which works as a paperless client to Merlin’s Delivery Lorry/Route Planning Module, allowing drivers to see their planned route of drops, amend the order, and capture signatures.

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