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Win-Win Situation for Merlin Customers

5th January 2013

Win-Win Situation for Merlin Customers

2013 – Seeds for Business Growth Sewn

January 1st sees the first major instalment of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s plans announced in the autumn 2012 Statement to inject growth in to the British Economy.

This is the much-welcomed increase in the Annual Investment Allowance from £25,000 to £250,000 for two years to support small and medium-sized businesses.  The effect of which means that companies needing a helping hand to invest in key projects like IT-aided efficiency improvements and proactive sales activities can do so without paying Corporation Tax on their investment.

In the maximum cases, this could see a reduction of over £50,000.00 in Corporation Tax payments in addition to the bottom-line profit improvements that businesses expect to receive from an investment in a new business software solution.

Certainly Merlin Business Software is the very solution that is proven to deliver these kind of benefits; indeed, recent customer feedback attests to this with one customer reducing their Customer Service costs by 30% and Purchase Management Costs by 50% in the first year of use.  Another satisfied Merlin user has reported identifying significant savings in their general business admin in the first six-months of using Merlin which will recover in excess of £16,000.00 of costs in this and every subsequent year.

Indeed, the Chancellor’s plans cut of a further one per cent cut in the main rate of corporation tax from April 2014, to 21 percent can only serve to be further welcome gift for these Merlin customers, allowing them to reinvest more of their company’s profits back into the business or for the benefit of the shareholders.

To enjoy this Win-Win situation for your own business, contact the Merlin Team today for an informal chat.

The Merlin Team.

Source: HM Treasury  (

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