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The ‘speed’ of things to come

5th July 2011

Whilst we at Merlin continue to make Merlin Business Software the fastest solution of its class running on current technology, IBM’s announcement of their new Instantaneous Memory Technology seems set to ensure even faster processing is just over the horizon.

Having been invited by IBM to test Merlin on their Blade Server solutions, we already know that Merlin is assured in terms of performance and scalability; IBM would not have given Merlin its approval as an IBM Storage Solution had it not have passed their stringent tests.

However, with claims that “instantaneous” memory is 100x faster than Flash memory, it seems IBM is shaping the future of computing and is set to deliver blisteringly hot processing speeds.

It’s also likely to be blisteringly expensive at the outset, as is the norm with new technology but, by the same token, is likely to halve in price each year or so as manufacturing techniques become more efficient and the inevitable licensing of this technology allows third-party manufacturers to introduce competition in to the market.

We thought Merlin was fast, we can’t wait to see how fast it can perform, as and when IBM’s “instantaneous” memory becomes available to the masses.

Follow the link for the full article of the Instantaneous Memory Technology by IBM.

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