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The ‘Hyper customer’ and what this means for your business…

4th April 2013

The ‘Hyper customer’ and what this means for your business…

Evidence shows that now is a time where the “Hyper Individual” is dictating many of our business operations.

According to a recent study by Richard Nicholls, media, technology and telecoms account director with the Future Foundation,

The balance of power has been slowly shifting from company to consumer with technology being the driver of this trend.

The adoption of these new information technology skills has created a powerful consumer that recognises the value of freely available information.

Richard Nicholls also concluded that there are three main factors that created this trend:

  1. A behaviour called maximising – which in consumption terms means making the best decisions with our money (the consumer wants to see as much information on products, services and purchasing options).
  2. Efficient technology – services such as websites, apps and services that can suggest and provide price comparison, consumer reviews and detailed information to aid smart buying choices for the consumer.
  3. The quantified self – meaning we have the ability to track our finances and interactions with business and social operations, such as account balances, discrepancies or even our calorie intake.

So the hyper-individual trend is about people learning and applying new methods of choice, efficiency, self-monitoring, data tracking and information-gathering in their everyday lives.

And with the proliferation of on-the-go devices offering greater access than ever to the world around us; with modern time pressures inviting us to lead a more streamlined life, with the boring stuff automated; with an increasingly local outlook, using tools to find resources and discover deals, shops and restaurants wherever we are – well, we can all be a little bit hyper.


Merlin Business Software has brought many businesses to the forefront of this trend by providing fully integrated ecommerce facilities, optional website design with the WIDA group and business measuring dashboards.

Providing insight into your customer’s behaviours alongside an overview of your businesses performance and provide your customers with freedom to control their accounts and in turn influence their buying strategies.

For more information call us on +44 (0)1246 457150 or email us at [email protected]

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