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Record number of UK Breweries for more than 70 years!

17th September 2012

Record number of UK Breweries for more than 70 years!
The number of breweries in the UK has topped 1,000, the highest figure for more than 70 years. The Campaign for Real Ale announced last week that a record 158 breweries have opened in the past year and there is now one brewery for every 50 pubs.Many micro breweries have opened in recent years, with the smaller ones expanding despite a steady flow of pub closures.“In fact, the boom in new breweries has, in many cases, made the term ‘micro’ obsolete, with some small brewers having become remarkably large, installing new equipment or doubling production to keep up with demand” Said Camara“Beer drinkers in the present day are faced with an enormous variety and choice never seen before on these shores. Whilst historically there were more breweries in the UK pre-1930s, the distribution and communication networks of the modern day mean that real ale has never been so accessible to consumers, or to pubs wanting to meet demand for serving locally produced beer.”Source

Merlin Brewery Software …
… is a fully integrated Brewery Production, Sales Order Processing, Stock Management and Accounting System specifically designed for the Brewing Industry:

• Brewing Process Management & Production Control
• Real-time Product & Raw Material Stock Control
• Delivery Route Management
• Complete Gyle and Cask Traceability
• Sales & Purchase Order Processing
• Document & P.O.D. Imaging
• Integrated E-Commerce and Websites
• Proactive Telesales & Call Management
• Powerful Management Reporting
• Integrated Sales, Purchase & Nominal Ledgers
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Duty Reporting including Duty in Suspense
• Wi-Fi Terminals for Racking, Despatching & Cask Returns

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