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Mobile Technology in the work place

11th May 2012

Mobile Technology in the work place

The idea of having a fully-functional computer on hand at all times has become a reality. With wireless networking, useful applications, and high-speed connectivity, smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly integral commodities to a productive, integrated lifestyle.

The same applies to business.

Taking advantage of this technological advancement through organised use of the correct apps can have a significant, positive impact on your business’s bottom line.

It’s important to consider how you’re currently using technology to promote and sell your products and services, as it’s vastly becoming our first point of call for sourcing products online.

Whilst 64 per cent of online businesses in the UK believe a mobile strategy is an important factor in their 2013 business success, 60 per cent admit they are yet to devise and implement one.

In 2012, mobile-ready online businesses generated more than a quarter of their revenue from mobile. Considering the average online business in the UK generated £8.9 million in revenue last year, that equates to approximately £2.5 million through mobile sales.

The imminent roll out of 4G networks across the UK could potentially mean the connectivity we’re receiving to our devices remotely is faster than the average UK home broadband connection – further lending mobile technology to your customers placing orders whilst onsite, but also to implementing a more productive remote workforce.

It’s not difficult to understand why. These devices and tools enable people to work where and when they want and how they feel most comfortable and productive. What’s less clear is whether companies have figured out how to capitalise on this growing trend.

With mobile technology becoming more prevalent in the workplace, it is vital to develop a mobile strategy to maximise efficiency. This strategy could include utilising progressive applications, developing mobile skills, and re-designing business processes to take advantage of mobile platforms. Whether it’s by conducting meetings using video chat on your phone or capturing orders and electronic signatures, mobile technology provides multiple means of increasing usefulness.

With this in mind we’ve been hard at work developing mobile apps to compliment our Merlin Business Software, specifically designed for stockists, distributors, wholesalers and merchants.

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