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Mind the gap – London Underground marks its 150th birthday

9th January 2013

Mind the gap – London Underground marks its 150th birthday

It’s hard to believe that “The Tube” is 150 years old and is set to be London’s key commuter artery for many years to come.  Any traveller today would hardly consider the fact that they continue to use a transport system mainly designed in Victorian times using the engineering skills which were thought to be cutting edge at the time.

Today’s commuter tends to be more bothered about spending the unavoidable time with their head in a book or with earphones firmly in place and simply accepts all of the underground’s characteristics because they know no different.  Given that new technology would permit faster trains with greater capacity and improvement in comfort, perhaps they might pause to consider how much quicker their journey would be if the whole thing could be redesigned from scratch.

It is therefore interesting to consider the parallels with established companies and the software they use.  How many times are you too busy to step back and consider how much easier things would be with a modern software solution in place?  Far too many companies continue to labour on using old and inappropriate software whilst filling the gaps with all manner of spreadsheets and other applications.

Fortunately, businesses can do what the London Underground naturally can’t and that is to make a complete change and adopt modern technology.  If you’re looking to improve efficiencies and make better profits but are prevented from doing so by your software, then you should change it.  If you’re looking to maximize every sales opportunity but your software hampers your efforts then you should change it.  If your aim is to exploit the advantages of the internet, but your software can’t handle individual trade customer pricing on the web then you should change it.

Importantly, you should change to Merlin.  Allowing progress to overtake your business is only handing your competitors a significant advantage.  Merlin Business Software solutions already allow hundreds of UK business to benefit in these and many other ways day in, day out.

For an informal chat about the way Merlin can help your business call the Merlin team today, or request information or demonstration via our website (

Mind the gap.  Move to Merlin.

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