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Merlin’s new partnership with EazyStock

9th May 2022

Merlin’s new partnership with EazyStock

Merlin is pleased to announce our new partnership with EazyStock.

EazyStock is the tool that gives you total control over your inventory by automating demand forecasting, stock classification and purchasing processes.

EazyStock complements our Stock Control module to give you the benefits of improved stock availability, lower inventory levels, optimised procurement and improved efficiency.

This cloud-based software integrates smoothly into your Merlin software for fast, measurable results.

EazyStock will help improve your business finances by allowing you to carry less stock and improving your efficiency with automated processes. You’ll see a positive return on your investment within weeks of implementation.

If you would like to know more about our EazyStock partnership, contact us today for more information.

“We’re excited to be partnered with a leading ERP provider who holds innovation at the core of their business. We’re confident EazyStock will enhance Merlin’s stock management capabilities even further, giving their customers a unique competitive advantage. With EazyStock, Merlin users will now also be able to dynamically calculate their stock requirements, have confidence in every forecast they make, speed up ordering processes, and save money with optimised inventory levels.”

– Ryan Cole, UK and Benelux Development Manager at EazyStock

Benefits from using EazyStock with your Merlin software

Improve service levels

• EazyStock ensures that you always have the right products in the right place, without piling up too much stock in your warehouse. You decide the target service levels for your business and EazyStock’s algorithms let you know what items to stock and in what quantities. With multi-location and multi-echelon inventory planning, EazyStock allows you to optimise your network and avoid excess inventory in each stock location.

Reduce inventory levels

• The system automatically identifies changes in demand patterns, trends, and seasonality and can also be adjusted for sales promotions, updating replenishment orders to accommodate. Safety stock levels, reorder points and reorder quantities are fully optimised so that you can get excess inventory down to the bare minimum.

Automate and improve efficiency

• EazyStock recognises product lifecycles and demand patterns and uses the most accurate algorithms to calculate safety stock levels, reordering points, and ordering quantities. As a result, automatic order proposals are generated which you can choose to process in EazyStock or send back to your Merlin Software. Inventory ‘management by exception’ means that you don’t have to go through every single order. EazyStock automates your daily ‘to do’ list, alerting you when you need to take action. EazyStock typically automates 90-99% of your stock keeping units (SKUs) based on your defined inventory parameters and service level goals.

“EazyStock and Merlin already have a number of happy customers in common, so formalising our relationship is a no-brainer. We’re pleased to be working with a solution provider that not only has world-class forecasting and replenishment functionality but also puts customers at the heart of their business.”

– Steve Fowler, Development Director at Merlin

Peppard Building Supplies 

Merlin customer, Peppard Building Supplies, is a leading builders merchant in Reading. They have selected EazyStock in a strategic move to focus on improving demand forecasting and inventory planning.

Peppard Building Supplies are committed to optimising their inventory management capabilities, so they can ensure the products their customers need are always in stock and ready for collection or drop-off.

By connecting EazyStock to their Merlin system, they will be able to improve the accuracy of their demand forecasting and inventory planning, whilst removing their reliance on spreadsheets and manual calculations. EazyStock will dynamically forecast demand and adjust planning parameters, such as reorder quantities and safety stock levels, providing automated purchasing recommendations to be fed back to their Merlin system for processing. 

“Having chosen the EazyStock platform to complement our inventory management processes using Merlin, the integration process between the two was carried out efficiently and effectively. Merlin’s approach to dealing with technical issues was helpful and a positive contribution throughout the project, which required “fine tuning” to our own requirements. This allowed Peppard to benefit from EazyStock’s functionality in good time and with zero disruption to our daily tasks. A job well done.”

Nic Butler, Peppard Building Supplies Ltd

Industries EazyStock can help


• EazyStock helps wholesalers around the world to forecast better, which enables them to maintain high service levels whilst lowering their inventory. Supplier calendars make it much easier to plan for lead times, and the seasonal demand feature helps forecast seasonal items.


• EazyStock can help raise product availability and improve service levels while keeping stock to a minimum. It also has advanced multi-location planning functionality, to allow inventory managers to distribute stock across warehouse locations in the most optimised way.


• With EazyStock, you’ll be able to make much more accurate demand forecasts. The system automatically follows and updates the demand patterns of each item in your product range, so that you don’t have to risk running out, or building up excessive stock.


• EazyStock enhances your inventory planning and optimises your inventory levels, making sure you have the right stock in the right warehouses at the right time. This way you’ll be assured to deliver on time while keeping your inventory at a minimum.


• EazyStock doesn’t only improve your demand forecasts drastically, the tool will also keep track of suppliers and take lead times into consideration, all to make sure you have the right balance between inventory levels and availability.

If you would like to add the EazyStock integration to your Merlin system, please contact your account manager today.

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