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Merlin’s latest integration with GoCardless

16th May 2022

Merlin’s latest integration with GoCardless

Merlin is pleased to announce its latest integration with GoCardless.

GoCardless is a payments platform that automatically collects payment on your invoices on the due date, using Direct Debit, and lets you collect instantly authorised, one-off payments too, with Instant Bank Pay.

To ensure every invoice is automatically paid on time, your customers fill out a simple, one-time form online, and then you invoice them as normal.

“We’re obsessed with delivering the best outcomes for our customers, and for us this means delivering maximum impact in minimal time.”

 Daniel Mooney, VP Global Customer Success Enablement, GoCardless

Why use GoCardless

• Get paid on time; stress less – As soon as your invoice is due, GoCardless automatically collects payment, so you don’t need to chase. 78% of businesses using GoCardless say it has reduced stress linked to payments.

• Remove admin – Payments are automatically collected and reconciled, so you can spend that valuable time elsewhere. Spend 90% less of your hours on managing payments, with GoCardless.

• Popular with customers – Businesses prefer to pay invoices via their bank account as it’s easy, hassle-free, and secure. 78% of businesses around the globe prefer account-to-account payment methods.

It’s simple to get started

70,000+ businesses around the world trust GoCardless to power their payments. You can sign up for free in minutes, and seamlessly connect GoCardless with Merlin. Each transaction costs just 1% + 20p. 

Key benefits

  • Integrates seamlessly with your Merlin software
  • Automatic, recurring payments
  • Instant, one-off payments
  • Intelligently retry failed payments
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Real-time reporting

“Merlin is excited to be partnering with GoCardless as it allows our customers to get paid on time, removing any stress related to chasing payments each month. At Merlin we are always looking to improve on the features we offer and I believe GoCardless will be a great addition to the software.” – Steve Fowler, Development Director at Merlin

Benefits of GoCardless vs other payment methods

Manual bank transfers

• More control – You initiate the payment as soon as it’s due, rather than rely on your customer to take action. 

• Get paid faster – Automatic payment mechanism means faster payment collection.

Card payments & digital wallets

• Lower cost – GoCardless lowers the overall cost of payments by 56%.

• Preferred – Businesses tend to prefer to pay invoices via bank debit over cards.

Sign up to GoCardless today and say goodbye to late payments.

If you would like to know more information on Merlin’s integration with GoCardless, please contact us today.

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