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Merlin POD to the rescue, again! Saving customers’ hours of unproductive time…

20th July 2011

It’s nice, how a simple visit to an existing customer provides proof of the benefits that all our Merlin customers enjoy on a daily basis.

Alfred Dunham & Sons are an independent, family-run builders merchant in North Derbyshire who have been live on Merlin for just over a year now. They are already big fans of the system and, in particular, Merlin’s Proof of Delivery (POD) imaging system.

Merlin can retrieve POD images with one click, helping to overcome invoice disputes in a matter of seconds. Dunham’s said that this would have taken them several hours previously, when trying to retrieve POD’s from their traditional hard-copy filing system.

BENEFIT: Time saved means more time to spend with your customers!

For more information on Merlin’s integrated POD Imaging and Retrieval solutions, please contact us today.

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