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Merlin delivers a 700% Back Office Benefit …

22nd February 2012

Whilst the “front of house” Sales Order Processing benefits of Merlin will always steal the limelight, it’s nice to be able to show that Merlin’s famed ease-of-use features are not solely enjoyed at the “sharp-end” of the business.

During a recent “catch-up” discussion with their local Merlin Account Manager, Phil Martin, Financial Director of Lothian Building Supplies of Tranent, near Edinburgh, happened to share his joy at using Merlin’s Management Accounting modules.

Martin commented that “…in the case of the monthly Bank Reconciliation, the whole process used to take two days to complete on our old BCT Esprit system, as it also involved a difficult process to export information in to an Excel spreadsheet to satisfy our Accountants.”

Since installing Merlin…” Martin continues “…I can complete the same process in under two hours”.

That’s a 700% improvement in reducing down an inefficient process caused by old technology. The time that Merlin now returns to Phil Martin can now be spent on other areas of the business, delivering yet more improvements in efficiency.

Proof – that everyone in the business benefits from Merlin.

For more information on Merlin’s Management Accounting features, call the Merlin Team today.

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