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Get Britain Building – Are you following the campaign?

10th January 2013

Get Britain Building – Are you following the campaign?

Launched last year this government initiative promises growth within the building industry by helping provide homes, work and an increase in profits for the building trade. “Get Britain Building is the UK’s biggest ever coalition of companies and organisations associated with the built environment.”

“As a direct result of the current economic downturn, our industry is under major threat with factories closing, skilled workers leaving the industry and companies going out of business.”


Prime Minister David Cameron would like to make property more affordable thus creating a richer economy which in turn will directly affect builders, plumbers and retailers alike.

“When first-time buyers on a good salary cannot get a reasonable mortgage, the whole market grinds to a halt,”

“And that ricochets around the economy, affecting builders, retailers, plumbers – all the people that depend on a housing market that is moving.”

Source – David Cameron

If the campaign is successful it could increase business for the building trade creating busier times, pressure on productivity and increases in sales thus creating a boost where your business may have to be able to adjust.

At Merlin we can provide an IT solution that will work alongside any of these changes providing a reduction in time needed to process orders, improve sales to your customers and an increase productivity. With our fully integrated accounts, stock management and Ecommerce integration.

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