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Fuel Prices likely to reach 150p per litre by summer 2012 – more reason to manage your delivery fleet using Merlin Software

3rd November 2011

Fuel Prices likely to reach 150p per litre by summer 2012 – that’s the prediction featured in the November edition of the Automotive Industry Digest and, if it is correct, it will place more emphasis on UK businesses to manage their delivery fleets as effectively as possible.

For some companies working on the lowest of margins, the extra transport costs of a badly planned delivery route could practically wipe out the margin of one of the orders on the lorry if not all those on the entire route.

Merlin Business Software’s “drag-&-drop” route planning module provides the solution, making the assignment and preplanning of orders on lorries or routes child’s-play. Gone are the time consuming wall-mounted T-card or Clipboard systems which in themselves require a dedicated staff member to manage. Given in built weight controls, Merlin’s route planning module will also warn of the possible overloading of vehicles at the planning stage – way before the actual picking of the route’s orders has even begun.

Accurate sequencing of the route is also assisted by Merlin’s integration with Google Maps™ providing an instant visual representation of the drop sequence on the route and will also provide printed maps and driving instructions for your driver.

Merlin’s route planning system is proven to reduce business costs in this area. For more information call the Merlin Team today.



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