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Don’t you just hate it when customers exaggerate?

28th June 2011

Having just concluded another round of highly successful Road-Show Exhibitions, one particular afternoon with a northern-based electrical distributor still sticks in my mind.

We’d spent a good and highly productive couple of hours going through the key elements in Merlin when we stopped to review the ground we’d covered. Knowing them to be a user of quite an old Equinox software system, I asked the customer how Merlin now compared.

“…it’s nine million times better” came the reply. Exaggeration – I know, however I wanted to know what elements particularly stood out.

“..well,” came the reply “…we currently waste an incredible amount of time dealing with customer requests for proof of delivery”. In referring to the speed with which Merlin automatically handles the scanning and storing of the document and then retrieves them to screen at the touch of a button, the customer continued “…that will save us at least two-man days a week!”

The real benefit here, is that the Merlin’s POD module alone will help repay this customer’s software investment within a time frame of 12-18 months.

16 May, 2022

Merlin’s latest integration with GoCardless

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09 May, 2022

Merlin’s new partnership with EazyStock

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03 May, 2022

Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

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