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BMF announces first buying group membership scheme

10th July 2013

BMF announces first buying group membership scheme

As part of its drive to fully represent the merchant industry, the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) has agreed its first buying group membership scheme with IBC.

Under the arrangement, which began yesterday (1 July) and runs to the end of the financial year, the BMF has agreed a group subscription rate with IBC, which in turn will offer free BMF membership to its members subject to them meeting the BMF’s entry criteria.

The group membership scheme has the potential to increase the number of BMF members – currently 336 – by more than a third. IBC has grown to 150 members nationally in the four years since its formation, with a collective turnover of £500m.

IBC members taking up the offer will reap the full benefits of BMF membership from networking opportunities and tailored training courses to parliamentary lobbying and access to the BMF’s new Trade Credit Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme.

“IBC is to be congratulated for its vision and I would encourage others to follow its lead,” said BMF managing director John Newcomb. “By rapidly growing BMF member numbers, this exciting partnership has the potential to significantly strengthen the BMF’s influence both with regulators and within the wider construction industry. It is my firm belief that by working together we can make the merchant industry stronger, as one industry with one voice.”

John Brett, IBC’s sales director, said: “We are delighted to have formalised our relationship with the BMF. Our members form an essential part of the UK construction market and it’s vital that their voice is heard and their ideas considered. We believe that moving forward with all our members as part of the BMF will give the Federation a crucial insight into the independent sector of the market.

“The benefits that IBC members will receive will be enormous. We believe by working closely, we can ensure that every merchant represented by IBC is fit to make the most of the recovery in the sector and build on this in a sustainable fashion in the future.”

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