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Bitter facts about the Beer Tax Escalator

3rd July 2012

Bitter facts about the Beer Tax Escalator

In 2008 the Government made a commitment to above-inflation duty increases on beer. This is known as the beer duty escalator and is in place until 2014/15. As a result, tax on beer has gone up by over 40%.

The tax man takes over £1 of every pub pint. After brewing costs, distribution and other supply chain costs, the brewer is left with a 1p profit.

Since 2004:

  • Beer duty rates have increased by over 50%
  • Beer duty revenue has increased by only 10%
  • Beer consumption has fallen by 23%
  • 7,800 pubs have closed
  • 78,000 jobs have been lost

BEER TAX IN BRITAIN IS SECOND ONLY TO FINLAND IN THE EU, with Britons paying 13 times more beer tax than the Germans, 12 times more than the Spanish and 9 times more than the French – resulting in Britons paying 40% of the EU beer tax bill, but only consuming 13% of the beer sold in Europe.

In this year’s Budget the Chancellor put beer duty up by another 5%. There’s an opportunity to have your say and sign an e-petition to secure a Parliamentary debate and end the escalator. Sign the E-Petition Now

Source: The Beer Story: Facts on tap | Sponsored by the British Beer & Pub Association, Campaign for Real Ale and SIBA Local Beer.

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