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A salesman who has been on both sides of the fence!

22nd June 2011

Richard Mallender, Merlin Business Software’s Regional Account Manager for the North East, reflects on his past sales experience in the Janitorial and Catering Supplies Sector, and offers a unique insight into the significant benefits that Merlin users can enjoy through their adoption of Market leading Business Software.

“Having spent over 12 years working for both a Regional and a National Janitorial / Catering Supplies Distributor, before I then moved onto work for a Manufacturer supplying this sector, I had used or experienced a very wide variety of systems.

During this time, I suffered all the frustrations that I hear regularly from prospective Merlin customers now, particularly on the sales front when I heard sales office colleagues not reminding customers of special offers or up selling or forgetting to mention to a customer “if you are having that particular chemical, do you need the protective equipment to go with it” etc.

As my sales area`s performance was monitored by, amongst other things “lines per order” and “average order value” it used to drive me mad when an easy sales opportunity was missed. If only I had worked for more enlightened companies who had invested in Merlin, as all those features are standard and mean that each call from a customer can be maximized to increase the value of the order and the profitability.

Of course, it wasn’t just missed sales that caused an irritation; customers using the request of a copy delivery note before paying an outstanding invoice were a regular occurrence. The most annoying thing was it was very often the same “rogues gallery” every month, as they knew by the time I had thumbed through the sometimes incorrectly filed documents, copied it and sent it in the post or agreed to drop it in when next in the area… they had just bought themselves a few extra days of credit. Had I been using Merlin at the time, I would have been able to email the copy document whilst my customer was on the phone, I can only imagine the deafening silence as my then customers realized they couldn’t pull that fast one anymore!

During my time at Merlin, I have learned that each industry we deal with encounters the same problems I have already mentioned as well as dozens of others I can really empathize with, as essentially each sector we deal with be it Janitorial, Building Materials, Tool and Hardware Supplies, Packaging, Engineering, Fasteners etc are essentially doing what I was doing all those years ago… buying products in, then selling as many as possible and delivering them in the most cost effective way for the best possible profit. I genuinely believe that Merlin is not only the best system I have used or encountered, but it is the best in the Wholesale / Distribution sector and will increase sales and efficiencies quickly and considerably.”

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