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A message from Andrew Wilson the Drinks Industry Software Specialist

15th September 2011

With the recent announcement by two of the largest Brewing Companies in the UK that they are introducing a short fall charge for non-returned beer casks, it is even more important that you all keep tight control over the location of all the casks going through your business.

I am convinced that, now two of the largest Breweries have started to address this issue, the flood gates will open, and it is vitally important that all wholesalers and smaller Breweries take immediate action to protect their assets and their business.

There is now an even greater incentive for your competitors to “borrow” your casks and this new module will help you control the situation. If you have the latest version of Merlin, you already have a solution!

Merlin Cask Control

As beer casks are such a valuable working asset, it is important to have a constant control of their location at all times. Merlin Business Software have addressed this problem and created a flexible, total control solution which works seamlessly alongside the latest Merlin Sales Order Processing, Despatch and Stock Control functions.

The Cask Control Module uses wireless based hand held terminals along with bar coded labels to control the despatching of customer orders and the collection of empty casks. Merlin monitors the location of all casks and can produce an individual cask statement for every customer on demand.

In addition a full Cask Traceability Report for all Customers is available and this also includes a report of all casks returned to your Supplier.

If you require, you can even record the individual Cask Serial Numbers for even better traceability, however this will entail labelling all casks when they are received and this may only be considered worthwhile for our Brewery Customers, who own or rent their own casks.

A full history is available for interrogation and can be reported on at any time, giving full audibility and information for management control.

Should you charge deposits on Casks, now or in the future, then Merlin also allows this function as a seamless automatic routine.

For more information please contact Andrew Wilson on 01246 457150 or email [email protected]

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