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Titanic Brewery

Titanic Brewery are a brewer based in Stoke on Trent that from humble beginnings has grown from a microbrewery to a plant that produces in excess of 2.3 million pints of ale a year and is running 7 pubs in the area. It is owned by brothers Keith and Dave Bott.

Titanic Brewery – The Products

Titanic Brewery was founded in Burslem Stoke on Trent in 1985 as one of the first microbreweries to get up and running, with one goal, to produce great beer. The brewery is currently brewing 11 different beers at around 8,000 barrels a year and bottling the produce for supermarkets and outlets such as Morrisons and Waitrose. The brewery currently operates 7 pubs within which they sell the Titanic brew.

The Requirements

Titanic Brewery had been using existing Sage software when they decided to move forward with their approach to business. As a growing company, they required an IT system with more flexibility.

The brewery required a more sophisticated system in relation to the reporting of production and traceability of each Gyle produced at the brewery. With Merlin Brewery Software, Titanic was able to do this with ease when brewing, racking despatching, and cask returns.

Notably in a recent audit by Cask Marque, who are currently trialling audits within breweries, had said,

“The system is fantastic, the most traceable system I’ve seen in use at a brewery of your size, and is in fact probably ISO 9000 compliant”

Also, the Merlin routing module proved to be a real benefit to the brewery. The module made sure that the distribution vehicles are loaded in the most efficient way allowing accurate and economical delivery to the customers.

Other Benefits

Cask Traceability

Allows breweries to have full visibility of where their casks are at any one point using wireless bar-coding and handheld technology.

Merlin Dashboard

Get the insight you need to make smarter decisions. The Merlin Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance, personalised view of your business’s performance, in real-time with six fully customisable facets that allow you to choose from our predefined charts, to display the information important to you.

Pricing Tools

Sales staff are able to negotiate prices whilst staying within company guidelines on margins and profitability.

Sales History

Instant customer history available whilst processing sales orders; shows what was previously purchased, how many, when, and at what price without having to look up previous records.

Contact Management

Allows operators to record and view conversations, letters, quotations, and mail shots details behind each customer record.


A sophisticated, yet user-friendly report writer, allowing greater depth and flexibility of management reporting information as well as tailor-made reports.

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