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C.F.T. Ltd

C.F.T is a major force in the supply of self tapping fasteners and roofing bolts. From its head office in Stourbridge, it distributes a wide range of fasteners and associated products throughout the UK, Ireland, Iceland and Europe and as far afield as the Middle East.

As the UK’s largest distributor to Guntram End’s range of fastening systems, CFT offer products to the highest possible German and European Standards. New manufacturing techniques have made their partners a fore-runner in the production of 304 series stainless steel self drilling screws with a range unsurpassable and continually growing.

CFT have off site laboratory facilities to test corrosion resistance and material performance all of which ensure their quality assurance programme is of the highest standard.

The Products

CFT supplies a wide range of fasteners, mastic sealants and accessories, and is the UK’s largest distributor of the Guntram End range of fastening systems. Their German manufacturing partner is the front runner in the production of stainless steel self drilling screws, with an ever expanding range of products in both carbon

and stainless steels. The company carries considerable stocks in a variety of washer head styles and over 30 colours. Quality is maintained through its off-site test facilities for corrosion resistance and material performance, and the sales team are able to offer technical advice for a wide variety of applications.

The Requirements

CFT became increasingly dissatisfied with the service they were receiving from their software provider, who was unable to modify their software to meet the specific needs of CFT’s expanding business. For example, CFT needed a daily summary of invoices to be submitted to their factoring service so that they could receive prompt payment, but this facility was not available on the standard system and their supplier was unable or unwilling to accommodate this requirement.

The Solution

CFT responded to a mail-shot from Merlin Business Software and requested a demonstration of the Merlin system. They were especially impressed with the way in which Merlin’s Sales Order Processing module assisted the sales process, providing telesales operators with the information to handle queries, to negotiate terms and to close deals with confidence. In addition, Merlin was able to modify Merlin to produce the required daily summary of invoices to submit to their factoring service. Merlin has additionally proved well capable of handling the increasing volume of orders.

Other Benefits


Financial Control

The ability to handle up to 250 invoices per day. Improved credit control – customer account information on-screen at start of Sales negotiation.

Managing Sales Performance

Telesales staff have instant on-line access to customer sales order history. Repeat orders rapidly generated on-line from previous orders.


Daily summary of invoices to submit to factors, improving cash flow.

Tailor Made

System streamlined to fit CFT requirements.

Helping with Growth

The ability to cope with the continued expansion of the business.

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